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Published Jan 12, 21
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Comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of an EC versus that of a private condominium paints the photo of a pretty great deal in regards to the previous. Unless you wish to sell your condominium within a years of buying it, the executive alternative poises as a strong contestant, particularly weighing up its appealing rate and subsequent large potential for long-lasting capital gains.

Seeing that Singapore is a reasonably young country, no home has yet come adequately near the 99 year mark for anyone to begin stressing over it, and cost discrepancies between complimentary and leaseholds haven't actually appeared yet. Still, if you have long, long, long-term prepare for your home than an EC may lose a few of its appeal.

co. Editor's note: This short article has actually been updated by 99. co to eliminate incorrect information on the schemes potential buyers of executive condos need to be eligible for. Parc Greenwich.

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What is Parc Greenwich?

Parc Greenwich EC is the new project name of the upcoming executive condo (EC) located at Fernvale Lane, Sengkang West Road.

Who is the developer of Parc Greenwich?

Fernvale Lane Pte. Ltd. a subsidiary of Frasers Property Limited

How many units will be available for sale in Parc Greenwich?

It is estimated to yield around 499 units.

To date, there are more than 70 condo jobs launched and constructed under the HDB Executive Condominium (EC) plan. It is simple to see why: you take pleasure in the style, facilities and way of life of condominium living, while getting government aids. However, with these benefits come restrictions and conditions. Here are some advantages and disadvantages prospective property owners must learn about when choosing whether to purchase a personal condo or HDB EC.

The primary applicant must be a Singapore Citizen above the age of 21, while the co-applicant has to be a Singapore Resident or Permanent Citizen. Fernvale Lane EC. For those applying under the Joint Singles Scheme, both candidates must be people above the age of 35. As with other HDB flat purchases, you should not currently own or have gotten rid of any personal property (overseas or locally) in the previous 30 months.

On the other hand, there isn't any such requirements for purchasing a private condominium. When you purchase an EC, you require to satisfy the 5-year Minimum Tenancy Duration (MOP) prior to you can lease out or offer your property - Parc Greenwich. After your 5-year MOP, EC owners can only sell their unit to Singapore People and Permanent Homeowners.

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For personal condos, there are no limitations from the first day. In order that ECs satisfy their objective of providing a home for brand-new Singaporean families, HDB has mandated that a minimum of 70% of systems on sale be reserved for newbie house buyers. The rest of the units can be offered to those who are upgrading from another HDB flat.

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When buying an EC, you can get HDB grants of as much as $30,000, while there are no federal government aids for personal property purchases. On top of grants, ECs have revealed to be priced a minimum of 20% lower than similar private condominiums, that make them appealing for those who can qualify and don't mind the restrictions - Parc Greenwich EC.

If you desire to understand how to choose the most ideal house loan, you can have a look at the DollarsAndSense Home Loan Guide (Parc Greenwich Frasers Property).

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Parc Greenwich

Address: Fernvale Lane Singapore 790401
Phone: 6531388622

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